It's all about the eyes...


It can't be denied that Jason's passion is all about the eyes. He is a qualified optometrist, practicing this separately within the University and Hospital. He graduated from the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Optometry (Honours) in 2007, Master of Science (Optometry) (Honours) in 2016, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Education in 2018.

Jason trained as a microblader in Los Angeles, California, at the first school to be accredited by the Los Angeles County of Health. He is a registered Body Art Practitioner under the County, and is a NZ-registered tattoo artist. As a member of the NZ Association of Registered Beauty Professionals, Jason follows the professional, hygiene, and ethical standards as set by the association. Jason is NZ’s men’s microblading expert, specialising in Guybrows!

With a love for eyes, art, and an appreciation of beautiful things and an eye for detail, Jason combined his passions and created Blade. His steady, gentle hand and extensive experience in optometry mix perfectly for his clients, and he loves to see them happy with their results. 

Jason loves to travel, immersing himself into different cultures, and speaks German and Japanese among other languages. He is also an avid music fan and you can often find him front row at gigs.  


Jason's artwork, Sharpie and Watercolour, Cologne, Germany, 2017.

Jason's artwork, Sharpie and Watercolour, Cologne, Germany, 2017.